Bonfire Night - keeping your home safe

Bonfire Night - keeping your home safe

Bonfire Night. Toffee apples, a blazing fire, the shimmer and bang of fireworks. It isn’t for everyone, but most people like to get involved with the tradition. But is it entirely safe to get stuck into Bonfire Night if you are a …

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Angry landlord

Self-managing is easy... right?

WHY should you fork out cash to let someone else manage your property? Surely it can’t be so difficult. After all, don’t you just stick a tenant in, collect the rent and help out with the odd bit of maintenance? This has …

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Friendly home

Friendly relationships

Tenants and landlords are traditionally seen to be on opposite sides. But there is no reason for that to be the case: at the Letting Co, we are often the middle man between both and we can tell you first hand, things are a lot easier if …

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A message from our Managing Director

In our latest blog, our Managing Director, Paul Rock, tells us about his personal experience in renting and just how important it really is to have a letting agent. How many landlords have put up with average property letting …

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Weeding out problems with your garden

Tenants can spend a lot of time worrying about the interior of their property that the outside can fall by the wayside. But the garden of a tenant’s property is just as important as the interior. Under tenant obligations, in …

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Switching letting agents

Switching agents - the handover

So you want to switch to us; what happens next? Changing agents can be a daunting process - which is why we ensure you need to do absolutely nothing. The most you will ever have to do during this entire process is possibly send one email to …

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FOCUS ON: Sheffield

Sheffield, the one-time industrial powerhouse of the North, has kept that character into the 21st Century. But the rugged Northern city isn’t trapped by its factories. In just twenty minutes, you can travel from its modern …

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Court eviction tenant landlord

Take notice: how does eviction work?

In this blog, we take you through the eviction process so you don’t feel left out in the cold if the worst happens. Eviction can be a scary word – more than 170 tenants were evicted every day in England and Wales …

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Data protection changes – opt in, not out

Changes are coming to the way we handle your data. Under new EU Law, you must now opt in to let us store and use your information. Rather than ticking a box to say you don’t want to hear from us or for us to use your information, you must …

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Risky Business - Keeping your home safe

Feeling safe in your own home is a top priority. You might think it sounds obvious, but there’s a surprising number of people who make unnecessary mistakes when it comes to security. Lettings Manager Louise Rock has some …

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Easter egg hunt

Competition: Eggs-ellent Easter egg hunt

You might be hunting for a new property on our website, or you could be a landlord scrambling for a new letting agent. Either way, we hope you’ve found what you were after! But to help, we’re adding an egg-stra layer …

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Credit score

Getting the credit you are due

Good credit is vital when it comes to renting. Credit checks are a big part of any application process and, whether it be renting a home or renting a car, you have to have a good one. But what happens if you are worried about your …

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Guaranteed responsibility - What you need to know about being a guarantor

So you've been asked to stand as guarantor. A guarantor is typically needed for anyone who wants to be a tenant but unfortunately has a low credit score, insufficient income or isn't quite old enough. People tend to know it …

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Rent guarantee

Rent guarantee - 100% cover, 0% worry

Non-payment of rent is probably a landlord’s biggest worry. That’s why The Letting Co. are proud to offer rent and legal guarantee. Example case Put yourself in the worst case scenario as a landlord - your tenant …

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Flying the nest

Flying the nest

Moving out from home can be a big step, but there are plenty of reasons it is a step worth taking.   Independence As you get older, you become naturally more independent. But eventually you do want your own space, and moving …

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EPC laws - Minimum energy efficiency standards

Change is coming to the way the government handles Energy Performance Certificates. The EPC ranks how energy efficient your property is on a scale from A-G, with an A being best. However, as of the 1st April this year, any …

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Switching to us

If you are stuck with a troublesome tenant or aren’t happy with your current agent, The Letting Company could be the answer to your problems.  We hear much too often that landlords aren’t happy with the service they …

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Renting with pets - tips and advice

Here at The Letting Company we love pets as much as anyone. But they can drive both tenants and landlords barking mad, with many properties simply not allowing animals and sometimes when they do, the pets can cause a whole set of new …

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Rent collection

Your management fee - what's included?

So you’ve signed up with The Letting Company - great choice! But what do you get for your monthly fee? In this blog Lettings Manager, Louise Rock, takes you through what we provide. Rent Collection This is …

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How to spot a sublet

If you’re a landlord, one thing that you need to be aware of is if your tenant is renting a room to someone else without you knowing.  This can be quite problematic for a number of reasons. First off, this is called a …

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Furnished property

Furnished Vs. unfurnished – what’s best when renting out a property?

We often get asked by landlords whether they should offer their property as furnished or unfurnished. The decision comes entirely down to who you want as your ideal tenant, but there are certain pros and cons to offering a ready-made room …

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Your responsibilities as a landlord

Landlords have a number of responsibilities to their tenant that they are legally obliged to uphold. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of these requirements of a landlord letting their property. Upon starting a …

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Don't be afraid to look further afield when buying a house to let.

Advice for purchasing your first buy-to-let

If you’ve decided to buy your first property with the idea of attracting a tenant then you are most certainly not alone.  One in five houses are now estimated to be owned by landlords and active on the rental market and If you are …

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Seven benefits of using a letting agency

Being a landlord isn’t easy. There’s a lot of responsibility that falls your way and it isn’t just a case of watching the rent roll in. Renting property is a time consuming experience and enlisting the help of a letting …

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Vaccuum cleaner

A guide to end of tenancy cleaning

According to research, general or professional cleaning is one of the leading causes of deposit dispute between landlords and tenants coming to the end of their tenancy, and so it’s important this is done right. Landlords …

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Protect your investment with landlord insurance

Renting out property is never going to be risk-free. So, if you’re a landlord, getting the right cover in place to protect against any incurring financial losses from day-to-day rental activities is crucial. Currently, and …

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becoming a landlord

Landlords, why choose The Letting Company?

We appreciate as a landlord you have a choice as to which agent should manage your property. So why choose us?  Not only do we have a vast wealth of combined experience in excess of 3 decades but also the local …

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Articles for landlords and tenants

All too often we hear the same question from both parties. Why do we need an agent? From the landlords point of view, they hardly ever hear from us and the rent comes in on time each month. From the tenants point of view, the agent …

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Landlord Referral Scheme

Earn £200 per Property Referral

Do you know any landlords? Refer them to us and we will pay you £200 for every property they transfer over It really is that simple - no catches, hidden clauses or caps. Whether they have 1 or 10 properties,  we will pay …

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Letting Agent Website

New Website

We are proud to announce we have now launched our brand new website, packed with information for both landlords and tenants. Have any ideas, tips or news for our industry? Just email it in and we will do our best to publish it on our …

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request a repair

Tenants: Request a Repair Service

Need something fixing? Please send an email to Make sure you include your: Name Address Contact number (preferably mobile so we can text if you are unobtainable) A brief description of …

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