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If you are stuck with a troublesome tenant or aren’t happy with your current agent, The Letting Company could be the answer to your problems.  We hear much too often that landlords aren’t happy with the service they receive from their current agent, and understand the handover can be an awkard process for the owner - that’s why we handle everything.

Why should you choose us? It’s simple really…

SIX MONTHS FREE: You don’t pay any fees for the first six months when you sign up with us. That gives you the chance to see us in action and the peace of mind that you aren’t paying anything for it until month seven. We are confident you will be more than happy enough with our service that by the time we do start taking our cut, you will be satisfied you are getting full value for money.

COMPETITIVE: We like to go the extra mile for our landlords. Our professional staff are available during the work day to help out with any problems, questions or queries from either you or your tenants. And our out-of-hours emergency line means we have you covered in the evenings and weekends too.

SERVICE: The longer you wait to book a viewing, the more chance you have of a potential tenant finding somewhere else. That’s why we try and get back to people as soon as we can, to get you tenants as quickly as possible, even if your home is still occupied.

COVERAGE: We manage a lot of properties in Yorkshire. But we do cover further afield too, from Manchester to Blackpool, Nottingham to Derby and Durham to name just some. If you’ve got properties a bit further away, give us a call: we could be able to cover it.

SIMPLE HANDOVER: We hear much too often that Landlords aren’t happy with the service they receive from their current agent, and understand the handover can be an awkward process for the owner - that’s why we handle everything. We will contact your current agent to obtain all necessary paperwork, property certificates and keys. We also reach out to your tenant to organise for the rent to be paid to us directly, and to arrange for the handover inspection to take place. We will also arrange for a new tenancy to be signed if applicable. The only contact you’ll need to make with you current agent is a simple email to authorise the handover.

PROBLEMATIC TENANTS:  If you’re currently experiencing the “tenancy from hell”, we can help. From chasing small arrears to evicting stubborn occupants, we are on hand to guide you through the process. We work together with Access Legal Solicitors to ensure that you gain possession of your home as quickly as possible.

RUNAWAY TENANTS:  If the worst happens and your tenant up and runs without paying, some agents would leave it at that and recommend you get legal help. Not us. We do our best to find them and secure any outstanding cash to make sure you aren’t left out of pocket. We only charge our standard management fee upon receipt of any outstanding rent, so it is in our best interest to chase this too.

Our monthly charge is 10% plus VAT, with a reduced rate for portfolio landlords available. For more information on what's included in your management fee, click here.

To find out more, give our team a call on 0845 838 2890 or email

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