Flying the nest

Flying the nest

Moving out from home can be a big step, but there are plenty of reasons it is a step worth taking.


As you get older, you become naturally more independent. But eventually you do want your own space, and moving out gives you that. You can come and go when you like, do what you want and make plans however and whenever you want. It also gives you the chance for friends to come and go as they please – no longer do you have to ask mum and dad if it is ok for someone to visit.

Live and Learn

Moving out also makes sure you learn plenty of stuff which previously, you probably took for granted. Managing bills, cleaning and cooking are just some of the things having that independence can force you to learn. And they are all essential life skills. The sooner you move out, the longer you have to get used to it – and build up your own recipe book in the kitchen.

Try Before You Buy

Moving out and renting can let you dip your toe into the water of home ownership without actually buying a property. Buying a home is a big deal in itself; renting first lets you get used to living solo without the extra worry of dealing with a mortgage and all the other stuff that comes with buying a house too.


Having your own place means you can have your friends around whenever you want. But it also means you could be living with your friends too, if you decide to rent a property together. Some people might have experienced this already if they travelled away to university. But for others, living with your friends is a great – and very different – experience to living with your parents.

Your Own Decor

Back home, you probably had the chance to decorate your own bedroom and that’s it. When you move out, the place is yours to furnish as you see fit. There’s a whole world of home furnishing out there which is just waiting to be explored.


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