Switching letting agents

Switching agents - the handover

So you want to switch to us; what happens next?

Changing agents can be a daunting process - which is why we ensure you need to do absolutely nothing. The most you will ever have to do during this entire process is possibly send one email to your current agent confirming the handover.

Other than that, we handle everything.

The moment you let us know you want to change to us, we start the ball rolling with the changeover.

Contacting your current agent

We get in touch with your current agent and arrange to pick up any spare keys from them, any tenant documentation, property certificates and other relevant paperwork.

This is the point where you might have to send them over an email to let them know you have decided to go with The Letting Co, confirming you are cancelling and that we can pick everything up.

As an extra than you, if you have a cancellation fee to pay, we will cover it up to the tune of £200.

If it is a notice period rather than a fee, we will still reach out immediately.

Informing your tenants

And dealing with telling your tenants? We handle that too, from getting in touch to introduce ourselves and let them know what is happening to arranging a site visit for the first inspection to be carried out. At this point, we will contact you with photographs of the property for your peace of mind everything is being kept to a good standard.

We also organise for the rent to be paid to us moving forward; this is a very simply procedure we help the tenants to arrange, which is done within a matter of minutes.

New property management offer

Whether you are an existing or new landlord, we value all custom which is why we offer the below incentive for all new properties transferred to us:

6 months free mangement 6 months free rental guarantee

There are absolutely no hidden costs, no set up or transfer fees, and all aspects of the management are included in the monthly management figure. More information on what's included can be found at http://www.thelettingco.com/blog/15/ 

Whether your property generates a low or high rental income, the savings you can make quickly add up:

Rent (PCM)     Amount saved during 6 month free period
£350                  £252.00                 
£450                  £324.00   
£550                  £396.00
£650                  £468.00     
£750                  £540.00     
£850                  £612.00    
£950                  £684.00  

(Based on the standard management fee of 10% + VAT)

You really don’t have to do anything: we want to make it as hassle free as possible. 

Call us today on 0845 838 2890 to discuss your property, or email your queries to info@thelettingco.com.

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