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Friendly relationships

Tenants and landlords are traditionally seen to be on opposite sides.

But there is no reason for that to be the case: at the Letting Co, we are often the middle man between both and we can tell you first hand, things are a lot easier if everyone just gets along.

Mutual respect benefits your property too

If you treat your tenant with respect, that should hopefully pass on through them to your property too.

A lot of damage can be caused by people simply not caring – after all, if it isn’t their property, why should they look after it? But treating one another with kindness makes it more difficult to ignore the scuff marks, lumps missing from walls or broken tiles.

Honesty is the best policy

Tenants who feel comfortable with their landlord are more likely to report issues before they become major problems. It can be quite an intimidating thing, calling or emailing the person who has so much power over your living situation. Having a cordial relationship means they report it earlier and we can handle any problems quicker.

Because good neighbours can be good friends too…

It is worth introducing yourselves to the neighbours, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. It means you have an extra set of eyes who will spot anything suspicious or problematic at your property and it also means any social issues, such as noise complaints, might be dealt with one to one rather than having to get any other organisations involved.

If nothing else, it is always good to get to know new people and your neighbours can be invaluable allies, whether in accepting parcel deliveries or thwarting potential burglars while you are away on holiday.

But don’t get too friendly…

Be careful to keep your relationship friendly, but professional. It should always be about business. The moment it strays into a friendship is the moment tenants feel they can start taking advantage. That might be late rent payments, it might be some cosmetic changes to the property. But it makes that conversation all that more difficult if you are Facebook friends and best pals too.

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