Bonfire Night - keeping your home safe

Bonfire Night - keeping your home safe

Bonfire Night. Toffee apples, a blazing fire, the shimmer and bang of fireworks. It isn’t for everyone, but most people like to get involved with the tradition.

But is it entirely safe to get stuck into Bonfire Night if you are a tenant?

We’re here to tell you yes: but there are some tips to look out for if you are hosting Bonfire Night festivities at your rented property.

Be Considerate

First and foremost, think about your neighbours. It can be fun to host fireworks – safely – at your house but you have to take into account those who live next door too, and any pets which might be affected. It is always a good idea to give them a heads up before you start launching rockets in your back garden. Depending on how well you get along, you could even invite them around to join in. It will save you the hassle of an apology later and even some potential noise complaints if they take against the loud bangs and whizzes emerging from next door.

Be Careful With Your Garden

Responsibility for your property doesn’t stop at the front door. It extends to your garden too. And as great as it can be to see the fireworks launch out from there, be careful it doesn’t scorch your grass. What goes up must come down too; it is always worth doing a sweep of the garden after you are finished to make sure you pick up any stray debris. The potential damage doesn’t stop at fireworks. Sparklers can be just as dangerous and can burn and mark even the most sturdy property (and yourselves).

Be safe

On November 5 last year, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service crews alone attended a total of 278 incidents in a 24-hour period. This included 91 deliberate nuisance fires – including grass fires, rubbish left in the street or on wasteland and bin fires. 

Ensure you have the right safety in place when lighting fireworks from home - angle the fireworks correctly and away from the property, ensure they are not being lit under/near bushes or trees that may catch fire or restrict their range and always keep children away from fireworks (live or not). Even spraklers can be dangerous - always wear gloves when holding one, use them outdoors only and have a bucket of cold water ready for when they difuse. Use common sense when it comes to lighting things on fire.

Take The Time To Plan

Think about when your party is going to start and finish. No one expects you to be setting off your fireworks display while it is still light, but don’t leave it too late either. Ideally you want to be hosting your party just after sundown, to account for the young children in surrounding homes who might be going to bed earlier. The party doesn’t always stop once the fireworks are finished either. Again, just bear in mind those who live nearby who might be within ears reach of loud music and shouting.

Safe storage and legalities

It's not just us who want you to be safe, but your local police and fire rescue services too. Did you know there was a restriction as to the type of fireworks you buy, how many fireworks you can have in your home, and how you store those you don't use? Contact your local police service on 101, or your local fire service, for more information on this. There are hefty fines for those found breaching the laws surrounding fireworks, and so always buy from a reputable supplier such as your local supermarket.

More information on how to keep safe this Bonfire Night can be found at 

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